‘Ukona Akili Ingine Ama Ni Hii Tu?’ Nadia Mukami Bashes Fan Who Tried To Justify Rape On Her Page (Screenshot)

Kenyan musician Nadia Mukami is a savage and she’s not hiding it! When one of her fans tried to justify rape on her gram, the 24 year old showed her untamed side with an innocuous response to the fan.

Nadia advocates for women’s rights and strongly shuns rape, as seen on her page. She supported the hash tag #JusticeforVelvine, a girl who, according to reports, was raped and her spinal code broken by a known assailant. Mukami went to the same high school with Velvine.

On her page, she wrote,

”I went to the same highschool with Velvine, Mount Laverna and I will use my space to say
It’s time to shame and End the rape Culture in Kenya! #JusticeforVelvine

A fan replied to this saying,

”She deserves it… Angekua ni mm nimemkatia angenikataa… It should be a lesson to all dependant ladies stop going for dates that are past ur callibar i thought Sharon atieno was a lesson. I doubt if it was rape. Mayb the gal couldn’t withstand the d*k stretching her genitals.”

This culminated the savage response from Mukami as she wrote back,

”Ukona akili ingine umeeka mahali ama ni hii tu!!!??? Mjinga!!”

I totally agree with Mukami. Rape is a criminal offence which should be punished severely.

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