‘Unanitukana?’ Sosuun Confronts Vivian In Physical ‘Fight’

Award winning musician Vivian recently ignited a beef with Sosuun after her sentiments that made headlines about their relationship with their partners. No one was willing to submite & accept the truth of the statement that Vivian  was vacillating between music & parenting.

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Vivian maintained that most female musicians prioritize their children over music and criticised Sosuun for not maintaining music. Through a detailed post she wrote;

Nimesoma place ni birthday ya Sosuun. Happy birthday to her.. I found out about this mama akiangusha mistari pale grandpa.
Flow hatari but kwani Mistari ziliisha? Personality yake moto sana pale TikTok huwa tunapatana but Mistari zilienda?
It’s such a shame gift kama ya huyu dem ikidisappear nkt.
Sometimes women give up on their gifts too quickly. Kuzaa ni poa ukitamani kama mwanamke. I understand coz I’m a mum but sasa gift yako unaachia nani? Sosuun ni example tu but hii nonsense ya KU-give up on our dreams so easily as women inafaa iishe once and for all.
It’s happened for generations! Lupita alisha tuambia our dreams are valid PTHOOO.. Mara ni bwana, mara watoto mara in-laws ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️… unachukua break 10years .. how will we remember you surely? Where is your mark??? Your dream is valid stop looking for excuses to sacrifice! God gave you the gift”

Sosuun responded saying that she would not entertain any disrespect from anyone as no one knows exactly what she has been going through and why she needed to take a break from the industry. She recently went to Vivian’s recording studio and confronted her for scolding her on social media.

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