‘Unaniweza” by Juma Jux is just about love and definitely worth your time(Audio)

Juma Jux seems to be the King of RnB in Tanzania and one of he best in East Africa. Even with the disappointment he sent among his fans when he broke up with fellow super Star Vanessa Mdee the quest to set out his album continued.

The ‘Love album”, has been a major project  for Jux and clearly he is doing a good job. Well, considering he is good at serenades, his fans are loving every song he releases.


In this new project he has dropped new jam titled “Unaniweza”. A love song of man hailing praises to the love of is life. For a man that is more of a smooth operator, this will definitely resonate with many.

Juma Jux


As we always say love is a beautiful thing and Jux is all about it. I know all fall in love but the madness that happens in between is still what we never understand. But well Jux is in love.


In the lyrical breakdown  Juma Jux talks of how this woman is the only source of his happiness. He says she if she cries he hurts, when she laughs his heart melts with joy. Cliche? No love is all inclusive.

Unaniweza loosely translates to you got me. In his  words  he says, Pindi ukicheka we, Mi moyo unanitabasamu,,,,,

As the album progresses we must give it to him that he has done a good job in the writing and vocal input too. Juma Jux goes on to tell his girl that she is the only one he loves and nobody can break them apart.


Not unless the devil comes in between to destroy their love. Lakini si a cheat is just a cheat? Why would the devil be sought on personal mistakes? mmmhh. Anyway that is what he says.


On the other hand you notice something that seems like an insinuation to what caused their break up with Vanessa.

He says, Labda upite ushetani mwingine, Maneno ya watu nishazoea i don’t care…..Who is that Shetani?I have don’t know yet.

But the obvious fact that Jux is in love and he feels that she is the woman of his dreams.  Let’s hope its for the better .

In the meantime we will enjoy this serenade as we wait for the video. For now I will rate it at 6/10. Tell us what you think.

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