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Underappreciated: Akothee is a rarity on the East African scene

May 25, 2020 at 12:52
Akothee cover

Akothee is a gem that we as Kenyans have woefully underappreciated. That said, I wouldn’t place the blame squarely on Kenyans feet. You see, Akothee often finds herself embroiled in controversies often times that she has created whether wittingly or unwittingly. She always creates publicity stunts that are often cringeworthy but also, she does a lot of charity work -much more than any other Kenyan celebrity.

“I begged celebrities but never again!” Akothee declares after bagging 2M Instagram followers

But on closer inspection, you realize just how brilliant a brand she is. I cannot say much about her music. That is a matter of taste. But when it comes to Akothee the entertainer as a brand, she is brilliant. From her image to her antics and wardrobe, everything has been crafted to ensure she not only grabs your attention but is memorable too.

Akothee working out

Let us start with her image. Akothee started from the ground up. She worked on her body and trust me when I say she has put her blood, sweat and tears into it. She is a mother of 5 and you wouldn’t believe it. Akothee is always working out, and unlike a lot of Kenyan celebrities, she isn’t doing bullshit workouts. Akothee has muscle tone. She works to keep herself sexy and as a result, she is the fuel for a lot of men’s fantasies.
Even her hair is a character all on its own. When she is at home, it is in matutas. And when she has a show, a weave miraculously appears. And you can tell from the comments on her social media page that people notice the changes.

Akothee chilling at hoome

When it comes to Akothee’s dressing, the best thing about it is that it reflects normal Kenyan life. When she is at home, she dresses in old rags. When she is in the shamba, she dresses up like a farmer. When she is on the red carpet, her dressing is exquisite.

Akothee to finally settle with mzungu baby daddy for his selfless act

And when it comes to her publicity stunts, even her simple opinions are so well crafted, they always elicit emotion. When it suits her, she is a feminist spewing hate and fire with the best of them. When it suits her, she is a tradcon, spewing timid, conservative views with the best of them. She will defend one woman and do so with every ounce of energy she has, and the very next day, come at another with all the anger she can muster.

Why is she a gem? Because she has managed to crack the code. She is a celebrity in every sense of the word -atleast in the modern understanding of it. We accept that her personal life and her music career fascinate us in equal measure.


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