“Usiwahi post picha yangu mbovu,” an angry Octopizzo publicly blasts King Kaka

Rapper Octopizzo is really mad at fellow artist King Kaka; for posting an old pixilated photo taken back in the day.

The popular photo showing Khaligraph Jones, King Kaka; and Octopizzo all in the same photo left the ‘king or rap’ throwing shade at his brother for trying to bring the past back to life!

According to Octopizzo, rapper King Kaka should have found a better photo to post instead of using the one making rounds on social media. He wrote;

Khalighraph and Octopizzo beef

Buda niko na picha nyingi sana safi safi, usiwai post picha yangu mbovu kama hiyo tena.

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The rapper who is popularly known for his ‘pride and arrogance’ went on to compare his style to that of Khali and King kaka; and from what he wrote – it’s evident that his mind must be clouded a bit too much.

He went on to add;

Unafanya drip yangu ifanane na yenyu. That drip is expensive my friend.

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Octo’s own lane

Having achieved so much through his music, Octopizzo managed to change his life and looking at how far he has come; it’s clear to see why he doesn’t want to be dragged behind.

However, with such pride and still no new successful projects; I guess it’s time Octo took all that gas to the studio for new relevant music. I mean at least Khali is doing it!

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