Utaambia watu nini! Tanasha Donna hits back at Bridget Achieng with glorious clap back

Image: Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna and Bridget Achieng have been giving bloggers a reason to talk. This past weekend Bridget Achieng went on to bad mouth Tanasha in an interview done by Ngina on Jalang’o TV;  giving Mama Naseeb Junior a reason to hit back.

It all started with Bridget Achieng lying about Tanasha not performing during the Naifest 2.  I mean she lied about Reekado…why not about Tanasha, right? Well, Bridget Achieng claims Tanasha bailed out last minute – without an explanation as to why she was no longer attending the event.

In the interview she went on to claim that payment was not an issue; as they had agreed to sort each other through butter trade.

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The former socialite was to apparently pay for Tanasha’s flight to Nigeria; where Bridget was to set her up with a media tour to help in expand Tanasha Donna’s brand In West Africa. Being friends, this sounded fine (in terms of payment) but little did Tanasha know that Bridget would use this against her.

Tanasha shares side of the story

speaking in a viral video making rounds on social media; Ms Tanasha opened up admitting that indeed Bridget was to pay for her flight to Nigeria.

However, this is not because she could not afford her flight; but because she thought this was a good opportunity of friends helping each other out.

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But after coming across Bridget’s interview where she painted her as a self centered and rude person; Mama Naseeb in return decided to speak her truth.

In the detailed video, Tanasha explained the reason why she cancelled on Naifest.According to Tanasha, she tried reaching out to Bridget Achieng to discuss a payment plan after the ‘SARS police’ thing happened in Nigeria.

And now that they couldn’t travel to Nigeria for a media tour, Bridget Achieng had to pay Tanasha but the socialite kept avoiding her calls; forcing Tanasha’s management to cancel on the gig.

Bridget on the other decided to use this as a weapon in tarnishing Tanasha’s image; but as usual, Mama Naseeb decided to repay in kindness…as she refused to bad mouth or trash Mama Sekani. Watch the video below.


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