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Vanessa Chettle: When failed socialites decide to get married

May 25, 2020 at 10:00
Vanessa Chettle: When failed socialites decide to get married

Vanessa Chettle was first introduced to us when there was a rumour that she had slept with Shaffie Weru and a whole host of other Kenyan celebrities. Needless to say, everyone mentioned in connection to that situation vociferously denied ever piping down Vanessa Chettle.

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Anyway, Vanessa Chettle then bounced around a lot, at one point landing on the reality TV show Nairobi Diaries. Then before we knew it, she announced that she was about to be a mother. She was loved up with a new young beau and they were ready for their baby. Problem is, as soon as she gave birth, she was back to smoking bhangi and the only thing she would post about on social media was her smoking bhangi.

vanessa chettle arrested

Soon enough, the few posts about her beau become a rare thing of the past. She would post less and less about her baby aswell as she got back to partying.
Then all of a sudden, like a whisper, she was back in Nakuru and a new dreadlocked beau was in the picture. To his credit, he managed to make get her on the straight and narrow. She was partying less -an assumption we can make all conclude because she literally posts everything on her social media- and the man seemed to have centred her.

Former socialite Vanessa Chettle flaunts her 3 pistols on social media

Now, she has announced that their child is a couple of months old and she looks happier. Her new man seems like he has a proper head on his shoulders and he isn’t too focused on chasing the limelight. He seems to be steering her away from her self destructive tendencies and Vanessa Chettle honestly seems happier.

vanessa chettle and her first daughter

And that is where we come to the meat of the post.

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Vanessa Chettle used to be a self-destructive socialite who would court publicity at any cost. Things only became worse when she landed a role on Nairobi Diaries. Vanessa Chettle went on a bender that lasted months rather than days.
And when she ran into trouble, she would run back home and then come back to the forefront when she had some money and some time to recoup. And it actually looked like she had managed to back herself into a corner. Vanessa Chettle got kicked off Nairobi Diaries for fighting, but she managed to land herself in trouble with the law because of that assault.

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Lacking any viable skills outside of simply existing, Vanessa Chettle ran afoul of life. But she, like Amber Ray found herself a good man. Someone willing to be a stepfather for her eldest child (or you know, the father that stepped up) and bail her out of the hole she had dug herself into.

vanessa chettle with her new man
Quite the socialite retirement package. And we will see more and more socialites follow this retirement package plan. Slut it up with superstars in your youth, find you a decent man to wife you up and make an honest woman of you.

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