Vanessa Mdee exposes rampant witchcraft in Tanzanian entertainment

Image: Vanessa Mdee popularly known as Vee Money

Tanzanian songstress Vanessa Mdee has disclosed shocking details about an interaction with a prominent music manager in Tanzania, which prompted her to decline a potential management deal.

During a recent conversation with her husband, American-Nigerian actor and musician Rotimi, Mdee recounted an unsettling proposition from the manager that involved occult practices.


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“At one point, I was seeking new management, so I approached the most renowned manager in Tanzania,” Mdee began.

“I expressed my interest in being managed by him and his team, and he responded by saying, ‘If you join our management, you must be aware that we practice occultism, including witchcraft and black magic. Before releasing any music, we perform certain rituals.’”

Taken aback by this revelation, Mdee questioned the manager’s practices and their alignment with her Christian beliefs.


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“Do you not believe in God’s sufficiency?” she inquired. The manager’s response was, “We do, but this is also a part of our culture, and we incorporate it into our work.”

Resolute in her faith, Mdee opted against joining the management team.

“I didn’t pursue the conversation further. I credit my parents for instilling a reverence for God in me from an early age because I wasn’t willing to compromise my faith,” she affirmed.

This disclosure adds to Mdee’s previous remarks about the music industry.

In 2020, Vanessa described the industry as “demonic” and attributed it to leading her astray. On her podcast Deep Dive, the mother of two elaborated on her decision to exit the music scene.

“I chose to leave the industry because I needed to prioritize my life. The music industry is rife with demonic influences,” Vanessa asserted. “Now, my fans may be wondering, ‘Will you never sing again? Will we never see you perform?’ Let me clarify. I adore music, I cherish creating it, and I love performing. I am a vessel. This is my calling, but perhaps I was meant to go through my experiences to share with you the unfiltered truth about things you may not hear elsewhere.”

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