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Would Vera want her daughter to be a socialite too?

June 18, 2021 at 08:53
Would Vera want her daughter to be a socialite too?

Vera Shikwekwe Sidika has announced that she is expecting a baby. And while there has still not been a gender reveal but I caught myself wondering whether she would want her child to follows her footsteps if she bears a daughter.

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Allow me to recap what I am saying so you better understand what I am asking. You see, Shikwekwe is a trollop. Well, I should really have said a retired trollop as she has now settled down and is married to Brown Mauzo, a Mombasa based musician.

Vera Sidika

When she first burst onto the scene, Vera was the main video vixen on the P-Unit song You Guy and it was really her buxom butt that featured heavily but given we are in Africa and African men largely have a derriere fetish, she was the star of the video.

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From there, she took her fifteen minutes of fame and ran with it. She released nude pictures of herself and was trending on the very first blog to really be about entertainment and do it right, Ghafla.

Vera flaunting acres of skin

Then came the constant trips to Lagos Nigeria which were rumoured to be very similar to the ones Bridget Achieng was caught taking and then too came the Dubai trips that Vera was more than happy to flaunt.

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Without really accounting for her source of income and capital, she bought a house in one of Nairobi’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, Kitisuru, and then set up spa businesses -which have traditionally been a front for her line of work but there is no proof that is what she was upto.

Vera Sidika parading big caboose which was her source of income

All of a sudden, one day while she was in Dubai, Vera went on Instagram live and was running through the streets of Dubai where her “boyfriend” -a Nigerian scammer by the name of Yommy Jones- was chasing her and attempting to thump the fires of hell out of her system.

Vera Sidika flaunts handbag worth Ksh 607,000

Bwana Yommy would later go on to reveal that he had originally paid her for sex and then from there, a relationship (that he came to regret) blossomed. But anyway, Shikwekwe Sidika, a lady who misled a lot of young Kenyan girls into buying into the nonsense that is prostitution being masked as being a “socialite” is about to have a baby and now the question that remains unanswered is whether she would like her daughter to follow in her footsteps if she births a girl.

Vera Sidika and Shakilla, one of the girls who bought into the former’s lies and went into prostitution disguised as being a socialite

Would she want her daughter taking inexplicable trips to Nigeria at the invitation of shadowy wealthy men? Or would she want her daughter flying out instead to Dubai to entertain men and then lie that she can afford to stay in Dubai hotels for a month straight while only being there at the whims of her Johns? Time will tell.

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