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Vera Sidika addresses claims that she is barren

March 11, 2021 at 14:44
Vera Sidika addresses claims that she is barren

Socialite Vera Sidika has been making headlines for the past few days thanks to a QnA post she held on her Instagram. After months of maintaining a low key profile – the lass gave fans an opportunity to catch up with her and truth is we loved it.

This is because we got to understand why she decided to wed, stay low key and above all – why she had not yet had a child. Well, we can all agree that time is no longer on Sidika’s side – and now that she has a man to take of her; a baby wouldn’t really be much of a problem.

Vera Sidika

From the questions it’s obvious that many continue to wait for the lady to have a child of her own; but the last time she hinted about having a baby – ex boyfriend  Otile Brown accused her of terminating his pregnancy.

Vera Barren?

At 32 years, clearly Vera Sidika is in no hurry and we don’t blame her either. Babies are not toys or tiny human beings to look at and smile; they are basically full time jobs and the worse part is that they are exhausting.

So Vera not having one is quite understandable. Anyway just a few days ago a fan went on to accuse Vera Sidika of being barren. Not quite sure why when we already have a photo of pregnant Vera back in the day; but the good thing is that the lady got to address this matter.

The fan wrote;


To which Vera responded by saying;

Vera Sidika claps back at fan

Some stupid devil called me barren, you all act like you know my life and womb so well to make it a topic of discussion. So many lucifer’s on Instagram. Stupid son bitch. Worthless piece of shit


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