Vera Sidika and Zari Hassan wow the internet with sismance (Photos)

Zari Hassan has forged a strong bond with Vera Sidika ever since she fell out with Huddah Monroe. The mother of five couldn’t leave Nairobi without seeing Vera.

Zari and Huddah used to be tight before Vera came into the picture. The two even used to host the famous ‘Zari All White Parties’ together.

Zari and Huddah during good times
Zari and Huddah during good times

Huddah and Zari’s breakup became evident in August 2016 when Vera Sidika was invited to Tiffah’s birthday party in Dar while Huddah was snubbed.

Huddah and Zari eventually became enemies and even started beefing. Meanwhile Vera and Zari forged strong bonds and became BFFs.

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Zari and Vera Sidika wowed netizens with their sismance when they met in Nairobi. The two women spoke highly of  each other when they rubbed shoulders in Nairobi.

“Couldn’t leave Nai without seeing a sister from another mother @queenveebosset. Was great catching up babe?,” Zari Hassan captioned a photo she posed with Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika and Zari Hassan
Vera Sidika and Zari Hassan

“God knows how much I missed my baby girl @zarithebosslady ? sister from another mother. Love you doll …See you soon ? #VeeZee ?QUEENS?,” wrote Vera Sidika.





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