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Vera Sidika Claps Back At Fans Criticizing Her Over Reverse Surgery Hoax (Screenshot)

October 08, 2022 at 22:41
Vera Sidika Claps Back At Fans Criticizing Her Over Reverse Surgery Hoax (Screenshot)

Vera Sidika is trending once again over her booty surgery prank. And we have to admit, the clout stunt caught us unawares. The fact that her husband Brown Mauzo also joined the surreptitiously orchestrated hoax made us believe her even more.

Vera also shared a video which was believed to be for her reduction procedure, and shared a detailed narration of how it all went down. Turns out, it was all staged for her upcoming song.

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Fans React

A section of Vera’s loyal fans were rooting for her over her move to reduce her bo0ty. Some even claimed she looked exquisite with a smaller bo0ty. Truth is, we’re all used to her voluptuous physique, and for some, it was a feeling of relief that she actually didn’t do the surgery.

Vera Vs Fans

After all the online colloquy, Vera had to defend herself from critics who denigrated her for chasing clout. She wrote on her Instagram;

”Y’all didn’t find it sensitive when people were mocking, laughing at me for having surgery complications. U even joined them. And you enjoyed it. But you find it sensitive that it was for attention. So it’s okay for u to laugh at my complications/situation & not vice verse. Lmaoo, y’all can kiss my bleached ass!”

In support of Vera’s sentiments, comedian Oga Obinna posted on his Instagram to bash Vera’s critics;


Watch Vera’s latest song below;



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