Vera Sidika Explains How She Realized The Potential Of Her Big Nyash

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika shared her experiences with body image and dating in a recent video.

Sidika discussed facing criticism for her curvaceous figure earlier in life. She admitted to wanting to be thin due to public pressure, even resorting to wearing oversized clothing to hide her body.

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However, her perspective shifted upon moving to Nairobi. The city embraced her physique, and she began to appreciate her own beauty.

“I used to be bullied a lot in school,” Sidika revealed in the video shared by Mpasho News. “I just wanted to be skinny so I could cover up.”

She continued, explaining how Nairobi’s reception was a turning point:

“Everyone was like, ‘Have you seen that booty?’ That’s when I realized I had a nice body. People made me realize I could use what I have to get what I want.”

Sidika also spoke about her preference for dating Nigerian men. She attributes this to their personalities, believing they treat women better than Kenyan men. However, she added that for those seeking Nigerian partners, maintaining a fit physique is one of the conditions to be met.

“First of all, you need to have nyash [buttocks],” Sidika said. “It’s not really about a big nyash, but you need to have something.”

Vera recently divulged that she has already moved on with a Nigerian man. However, she is yet to divulge any details about him.

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