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Vera Sidika flaunts handbag worth Ksh 607,000

March 22, 2021 at 10:28
Vera Sidika flaunts handbag worth Ksh 607,000

Vera Sidika is the definition of a real diva and so far she has proven that her lifestyle is as expensive as she makes it look.

The last time we checked, her hair cost around half million Kenyan shilling; and her favorite shoes were allegedly 1million – but hey- who are we to judge?

Vera Sidika engaged to Brown Mauzo

Anyway this past weekend the former socialite once again left her fans talking after unveiling a coco Chanel handbag that allegedly cost Ksh 607,000. The lady went on to show off the bag through her IG posts where she wrote;

For those who keep asking about my Chanel classic bag. Cost £3,990 which is currently Ksh 607,000 actually just randomly found this😂

Vera’s handbag

Skin lightening

If you thought that this handbag cost a lot then wait till you learn that she spent close to 2 million to bleach her skin.

before and after bleaching Vera Sidika

However the sad part is that the bleached almost reversed back to her original skin tone a few months ago before moving to Mombasa. But judging from her latest skin tone – I’m starting to believe that she may have found a solution for her skin; but having spent such an amount why move to mkorogo creams when 2 million could have perfected her looks?

Anyway it is what is!


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