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Vera Sidika needs to keep her pregnancy offline -but she won’t

June 23, 2021 at 08:39
Vera Sidika needs to keep her pregnancy offline -but she won't

Vera Shikwekwe Sidika is finally pregnant and she wants the world to know but that is the last thing she should do -and yet, after she got through the first two trimesters, she decided to go online and show off her baby bump.

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Obviously, she waited until the riskiest part of her pregnancy was over to confirm the news to her fans but this is the dumbest things she could do. Why do I say she has gone the low IQ route? well, because she is a lightning rod of negativity and yet here she is exposing her baby to that sort of negativity even before it is born.

Photos from Vera Sidika pregnancy reveal shoot

Photos from Vera Sidika pregnancy reveal shoot

We saw what happened to Vera Shikwekwe Sidika’s clone, Bridget Achieng when Kenyans decided to attack her after she was accused of being a call-girl in Lagos and yet here we are putting the unborn child at the mercy of these same cyber trolls.

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Incase you have forgotten, Bridget Achieng was accused of being a call girl and her followers went onto her baby’s IG account to completely eviscerate her mother and it got so bad that she had to first deactivate the account then put it up for sale.

Vera Shikwekwe Sidika’s pregnancy photo shoot

Vera Sidika is literally putting her child at the mercy of such people. Why? For a few chuckles at her haters? Do you know how unbalanced you have to be to think getting “one over on your naysayers” is worth more than the peace of mind of your child?


And why is her husband, Brown Mauzo, allowing his child to be used as a prop in her drama? then again, he is a girlfriend-husband so I doubt he gets much of a say as to what unfolds in their household. Because he should be trying to protect his unborn child yet he is allowing them to become a prop in the drama.

This will not end well because Vera Sidika is already being trolled along with her yet unborn baby and she is getting upset yet she opened the door to all this mess. This is actually a pretty vacuous move -opening the door to trolls (and some well-wishers) and then complaining when trolls actually troll.

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Then again Vera Sidika hasn’t really shown herself as being a practitioner of higher, elevated thinking so this is purely path of the course of who she is: doing things then complaining when her actions are not received as positively as she expected. And I feel really bad for this child because they are going to have to deal with all the negativity targeted towards its mother and this is what lies in store for its life even before it is born.

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