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Vera Sidika planning to upgrade boobs months after welcoming first child

June 24, 2022 at 18:50
Vera Sidika planning to upgrade boobs months after welcoming first child

When it comes to Vera Sidika, money is not a problem or something that gives her sleepless nights. No, she made enough money back when she was traveling around the world ‘gracing events’ and getting paid due to her socialite title.

With the money she made, Vera Sidika managed to open businesses, buy two homes and expensive cars. Years later she used the same money to buy her daughter designer outfits, a bed worth 300k and jewelry.

Vera Sidika

So yea…pesa sio shida and for this reason – Vera Sidika now says she wants to upgrade her  boobs. Not sure whether she wants them small or bigger but all we know is that she is planning to get an upgrade.

I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll opt for smaller ones….

Low self esteem after pregnancy?

This being the first time the lady is talking about getting boob job, scratch that…no it’s not the the first time, didn’t she once mention she got her boobs fixed to remain firm?

Tbt: Vera Sidika admitting to getting bigger boobs

And after baby – I’m pretty sure Vera Sidika still can’t believe how pregnancy can humble a person.

Anyway responding to a fan asking why she f no longer uploads her photos like before;

Why don’t you post pictures of yourself the way you used to, we miss you.

To which Vera Sidika responded by revealing she’ll soon get surgery to fix her boobs saying;

I will very soon just been busy & all. Maybe I should get my new boobs first then we do Pepe dem gang.


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