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Vera Sidika Responds To Critics Terming Her A Show Off (Screenshot)

September 28, 2022 at 09:28
Vera Sidika Responds To Critics Terming Her A Show Off (Screenshot)

Socialite Vera Sidika has delivered her harangue to netizens who bash her for flaunting exorbitant wear and lifestyle on her gram. We’re used to celebrities showing off their deluxe lifestyles in tandem with expensive items worth millions, some worth thousands. And it’s all for showbiz.

A few months ago, Vera unveiled her Chanel bag estimated to be worth 650,000. And a section of her fans lost their calm and called her out for spending such a hefty amount on the bag yet there are so many people she could have fed with some amount.

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Vera Claps Back

The mother of one shared via her Insta stories how disappointed she is with fans who claim she doesn’t help financially.

”Kenyans amaze me!! When I post my ksh 650,000 Chanel bag, they say I’m showing off, could have used the money to help the poor. Not knowing that I help hundreds of people without publicizing it here! But they will attack coz to them, they think you don’t do charity since they don’t see it lol. When you show them, they change and say you didn’t have to show.

Vera continued to state that she helps so many people but she doesn’t show off;

”I help many people in my DM & never post. I only posted to motivate someone else to do the same. But seems like y’all wanna see us showing off expensive lifestyle but not out charitable side. I get it. I will floss & show off everything since that’s what y’all prefer to see. Let’s get the show started!!!!!”


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