Vera Sidika Set To Take Stranger On A Date After He Confessed His Undying Love For Her

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has accepted a date offer from a man identified as Mr Rhymer, who confessed his undying love for her on a placard.

Mr Rhymer took to the streets carrying a placard with a poetic message of love for Vera, who recently parted ways with her baby daddy Brown Mauzo.

Vera, who is currently in the US, responded to Mr Rhymer’s romantic advances on social media, saying that she would take him out on a date once she jets back into the country.

“This is so cute 😩😍 I’m looking for this man …I’ll definitely take him out for a date when I get back to Kenya 🇰🇪❤️,” Vera wrote.

Vera’s decision to accept Mr Rhymer’s date offer is a major breakthrough for him, as he previously confessed his love to another Kenyan socialite, Betty Kyallo, without much success.

It is unclear whether Vera is genuinely interested in Mr Rhymer, or if she is simply amused by his romantic gesture. However, her decision to accept his date offer is sure to generate a lot of buzz and excitement among their fans.

We wish Vera and Mr Rhymer all the best on their upcoming date!

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