Vera Sidika vows to outdo Amber Ray’s gender reveal party

It would seem Vera Sidika and Amber Ray in a battle that none of us were aware of. But now everything is bubbling to the surface.

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Amber Ray recently held a gender reveal party that was the talk of the town due to its opulence. This seem to have robbed the former socialite currently based in Mombasa the wrong way as she felt outdone.

And so Vera Sidika has decided to host a gender reveal party of her own that she has promised will be the talk of the entire nation due to how over-the-top it will be.

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Amber’s featured a billboard to mark the occasion a helicopter ride to the venue and just some obscenely expensive decor at the venue. She also invited Kenya’s A-List celebrities you’re more than happy to go there and enjoy life on her dime.

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Vera Sidika’s own is currently being set up and we are way to see whether she will indeed deliver on our promise to outdo her rival. What is interesting also is a contract between the two as we know Amber’s was paid for by her fiance, Kennedy Rapudo. Meanwhile, Vera is paying for her own. And there is no shade to her husband Brown Mauzo.

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I guess nothing is left at this point other than to watch everything unfold and then compare photos of both events side by side then we can deliver our verdict.

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