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Video emerges of drunk man putting money in Akothee’s private parts s she reveals her other source of income

March 28, 2017 at 09:56

They don’t call her madam boss for nothing, trust me…Akothee really gets that paper in whatever way possible.

Would you like for example guessed that drunken men putting money on her private parts was part of her hustle?

Well, it is as evidenced by this video she recently shared online.

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She’s busy during her performance when some lad comes on stage, drunk AF and turns her around and puts a couple of dollars on her you know what.

And guess what…Akothee stands there and watches as he gets down to it…actually she rewards him by twerking her bum bum for him a little bit.

The guy is part of a crowd who apart from dancing her along to her tunes throw all loads of cash on stage for her it looks like it was raining cash.

Just have a look at this video:

Akothee effect coming to a city near you , tell a friend to tell a friend , kick start Zurich Switzerland 1st April

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