Videos of DJ Mo cutely bonding with his two children proves haters wrong

Image: Size 8 and DJ Mo

Days after making controversial headlines, gospel DJ Mo born Samuel Muraya has stylishly hit back at critics who were on a mission to destroy his marriage to singer, Size 8 reborn.

This time round, ready to prove to critics that his marriage will stand the test of time even amidst rumored cheating scandals with Switch TV presenter, Joyce Maina that painted a dark picture of his values.

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The father of two young adorable children, decided to parade his fatherhood journey during their recent family vacation where he was spotted beautifully bonding with son and daughter.

NTV gospel show DJ Mo aka Samuel Muraya

The comeback

In one video, Muraya senior savored some outdoor fun moments with daughter Ladashabelle Wambo whom he carried up high before adorably landing on his chest and from a distance, the baby girl could be heard beautifully giggling at the irreplaceable moment.

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Then next, came daddy-son moments with Muraya Junior enjoying the afternoon sun at the balcony where the gospel DJ had to playfully entertain his months-old baby boy while similarly bonding.

A cute video that has attracted lots of love and cheer from his comment section, as fans enviously admired the charming moment.

No more trouble in paradise?

The disk jockey’s online updates come days after the couple was rumored to be having a troubled marriage. With Size 8 allegedly kicking out her husband from their matrimonial home and left behind with their two children.

This was after speculations that what was once a fun-filled, romantic marriage, turned into total disrespect and numerous cheating scandals from the family man.

The Muraya couple

But probably after proving to haters that his marriage with Size 8 is still intact, we can only hope that the two are seeing eye-to-eye.

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