Vile inafaa! Why King Kaka and wife don’t follow each other on social media

Image: King Kaka and wifey

Switch TV’s Nana Owiti recently left fans asking questions after revealing that she does not follow her rapper husband, King Kaka on social media.

The lady who is currently known for her Chill Spot show on the renowned TV station went on to reveal that following her husband has never been a big deal. Although she is a fan of his poetic music, Ms Owiti went on to reveal what led to both her and King Kaka not following each other on social media.

According the gorgeous mother of two, they have never really followed each other on Instagram; however during the beginning of their relationship they had been friends on Facebook but this did not last for long!

Nana went on to add that ‘commenting’ on other peoples post brought by unnecessary questioning; and for some reason they decided to end it by unfriending each other. The lady went on to say;

Nana Owiti with hubby, King Kaka

When we started the relationship, we were friends on Facebook for a couple of days, and then we would always be like ‘hako kanakucommentia ni kanani hako?’ We were like, ‘you know what by the way si ufollowiana ya? By the way ujue naku-unfriend leo’…so I told him that and he said ‘sawa basi

Less drama

Although this has never been a topic of discussion at their home; Nana also went on to reveal that she has less drama to deal with incase they broke up! I mean she wouldn’t have to unfollow him on social media making fans realize they have an issue at home…..smart thinking! She went on to add;

King Kaka with his family
King Kaka with his family

And it has been like that… I have never followed King, he has never followed me, we don’t follow each other on Instagram… It’s not even a conversation at home. Ile siku tutapigana you guys will never know.

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