Village fisherman’s promise to marry Nana Owiti and sire 12 children together lights up the Internet

Ever since King Kaka’s wife, Nana Owiti landed a job at Switch TV, she has been serving us some body goals, making bold statements with her fashion trends.

The Kamba beauty’s humility, natural curves and enchanting smile are undeniably ones to thirst over, one not known to stir controversy despite her man’s public image.

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King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti

Taking a break over the weekend, the TV personality travelled home to Kamba land, paying a visit to her great grandma with memories of her childhood days still alive.

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Nana decided to drop by River Tana, her hometown, born and bread, drinking from the very same river that also cleaned her clothes daily. Gushing:

I nourished my soul here. I’m a child of this soil and water.. My heart is busting with happiness.


She spent her time in a simple wooden boat puddling by the shallow waters, with the help of the area fishermen and her aunt, some good fun times, late afternoon in a place she felt most safe in because that was her foundation.


The confession

However, things took a different turn after the young fishermen could not help but drool over the Kamba doll from Nairobi – probably even not aware of her fame – but they could tell she was a fine goddess.

One of them openly yet boldly affirmed to King Kaka’s wife that he will marry her, take care for her and grow a family of at least 12 children together.

A baffled Nana Owiti n River Tana

Shocked by the candidness and self-confidence this man had, Nana could only stare and give that smile to show just how impressed his confession had made her.

She however went ahead to reveal she is a married woman therefore such possibilities would be like crying over spilt milk but the man straight up replied:

…hiyo si shida. Si utamuacha tu.

Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima alias Rabbit alias King Kaka

Hehe….the courage this man had was just at another level. A shaken Nana gasping:

Weeeeh!!! Huyu sijui ni disciple anatafta Ama watoto ????????????????

Comments trickled in soon after, fans admitting that the courage that man had might just see King Kaka left wifeless.

qeidee That guy has got courage, ????


celineodhiambo Ile quote ya poverty is manufactured in bed imecome in handy leo …ati 12kids ???????????????????????? …..maiyeeee ….???????????? @nanaowiti ..hard small????


jona_le_powerman Weeeeee,,,,????


sylverjemimah Mali safi iende chain ????????????


naomimuuo Even the monkey was surprised????????


nwachukwudavidmmaduabuchi Hahahaha but you can still marry him

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