Viral video of Betty Kyallo drunk struggling to make a speech surfaces

Image: Betty Kyallo

In a video gone viral, media personality Betty Kyallo appears seemingly intoxicated and struggles to address the audience during the Senator Allan Chesang Foundation Super League Finals in Trans-Nzoia. The video has sparked mixed reactions online.

The video, taken on Saturday, November 25, at the Kitale National Polytechnic Institute in Trans-Nzoia County, shows Kyallo attempting to speak to the spectators but facing difficulty in calming an unruly crowd.

Despite her efforts, Kyallo encouraged the audience to channel their talents into meaningful pursuits. Notable politicians, including Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula, were in attendance at the tournament.

This is not the first time Kyallo has been seen in public appearing tipsy. In March 2020, she went live on social media, expressing her frustrations about her workplace while acknowledging having had a drink.

At that time, Kyallo defended her right to enjoy herself and dismissed critics who labeled her as a role model.

Online reactions to the recent video have been mixed. Some have criticized Kyallo’s behavior, while others have defended her right to let loose. Abdulahi Adan, in particular, cautioned against “drinking and driving a mic on your mouth” and referenced Kyallo’s recent video.

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