‘Vitu kwa ground ni different’ Kabi wa Jesus exposed by baby mama for lying about daughter’s upkeep

Kabi wa Jesus recently gave fans a reason to talk after sharing videos shopping for his daughter, Abby. Seeing how happy and excited he looked while buying his girl new school items confirmed that Kabi was now ready to coparent, but turns out that this was just for the cameras.

Kabi shops for Abby

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According to his baby mama, Dorcas Njoroge who doubles up as his cousin – she accuses Kabi wa Jesus and his wife Milly of using her daughter’s name for fame and hype.

As seen on screenshot conversations shared by blogger Edgar Obare, mama Abby is seen complaining about the coparenting arrangement between her and Kabi was Jesus. From what she says is that Kabi has been frustrating her behind the scenes, yet he pretends to be the dad of the year on social media. She wrote;

I am writing this post in regards to how Kabi and Milly are busy showing off but frustrating the situation with Abby behind scenes.

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Social media show off

Being the one who lives with 7 year old Abby, Kabi’s baby mama says she requested them to keep the girls name off social media; but as seen on recent posts, turns out that they’ve been clout chasing with her name – something that upsets her.

Talking to Edgar, Mama Abby went on to say;

They’ve crossed the line the moment they started to post knowing very well they’re doing the opposite of what they’re showing. I had made it clear they should not at any point drag her to social media.


They are trying to use my daughter’s name to clean up their mess and to redeem themselves on internet to the detriment of Abby.

Well judging from the back and forth these two parties have been having about their daughter; one thing is for sure and that is – coparenting isn’t just working for them.

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