Vivianne and Azziad’s bizarre beef was about entitlement and envy

Vivianne has unwittingly played out an age old game with Azziad that was not quite interesting but shed a lot of light on entitlement. You see, we already know that Vivianne was wrong for thinking she deserved Azziad’s assistance to push her song simply because they are both female. She was wrong for pointing out that she wanted to perpetuate the Kenyan entertainment scene’s culture of taking advantage of upcoming talents.

“I have made peace with you,” Singer Vivianne speaks up weeks after Azziad Nasenya saga

What many did not however realize is that this was an age old game in which an older female claws her way to the pinnacle of her career and then succumbs to jealousy when she sees that life has moved on and is showering the latest, younger, hotter female star with even more attention. It’s envy.

Singer Vivianne

The Greek’s were aware of this and a lot of their tragedies told circulated around such stories such as that or Athena and Ariadne. It was this envy that we are seeing play out. You see, there were no shortage of approaches Vivianne could have taken to working with Azziad that would have had a more positive outcome.

Singer Vivianne brutally attacked after her unfiltered mean remarks on Internet sensation Azziad Nasenya (Video)

Instead, what we got was an infantile rant that exemplified just how badly the situation was handled by Vivianne. Can you imagine someone asking you for a favour and when you counter with a request for monetary consideration because you realized you are short of time and have other projects that will build your personal projects or give you money, they respond with a terrible argument about why you are spoilt and why you owe it to them to do their thing for free?

Songbird, Vivianne

That is what happened. And now, Vivianne has put out a statement that is meant to make her seem like the bigger person by forgiving her enemies -you know, the same ones she created in her own coconut because we haven’t seen proof that Azziad even thinks of her let alone thinks of her as an enemy.

Is Vivianne serious about Kenya’s entertainment scene being demonic?


I have finally made peace with the fact that there are people who will never be my friends.
I wish them greatness in all their endeavors. Because that is God’s will. What’s on your Sunday list?

Performing artiste, Vivianne

And wouldn’t you know it, she was also held accountable by netizens who saw her statement and instantly understood why it didn’t sit well with them. It was essentially your high school bully saying they forgive you for resisting their attempts to bully you. They are now enlightened and they want to go forward and enjoy their positivity.

Make it make sense.


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