Vivianne proved few Kenyan artists are good performers

Vivianne recently had a performance that was quite honestly as dry as cardboard. A video that surfaced on social media showed her attempting to entertain company executives who were unmoved and unenthused.

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The video featured her singing a dated song, “Chum Chum”, and her stage presence was poor while her energy was all but present. She was moving from one end of the stage to the other attempting to rile up the executives but none of them seemed bothered.


This got us thinking about which Kenyan artist put on the best performances whenever they are live on stage. Vivianne is definitely not one of them. However, Nyashinski is one of the few names that come to mind. Just a Band’s Blinky Bill is another who comes to mind.

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But by and large whenever Kenyan artist perform on a stage they are often out of breath, gasping for air or simply walking around and giving the audience commands what to do on in order to enjoy the music. So what you end up with is, “Mikono juu! Wewe rusha mikono juu“.

Singer Vivianne

And while this is an important aspect of hyping up the crowd it is a role that would be better served by a hype man rather than the main artist as it makes the music’s flow disjointed. Vivianne it’s not a bad artist. I happen to like some of her music however we need to progress as a people beyond giving lazy performances.

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When you hear that foreign artists and those in the diaspora make their money off touring, we need to begin to understand just what it takes to make those concerts and 2 is worth as much money as they often are.

Performing artiste, Vivianne

Vivianne would be best served by taking Beyonce as a case study. Because when she performs she is a living dynamo. She is moving from one end of the stage to the other not just dancing but performing complex choreography and this serves to heighten the audience’s excitement and engagement in her performance.

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Perhaps Kenyan artists need to start by working on their cardiovascular health. This would help them increase their stamina and then be able to actually perform for the better part of their set. It would also help with their singing as they won’t constantly get out of breath and start croaking like frogs. It would also help event planners and corporate steak the industry more seriously as this level of professionalism would be seen as an artist reinvestment into their craft.

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