Vivian´s hubby, Sam West gets jealous after intimate clip between wifey and Naiboi

Kenya´s Vivian, Naiboi and Savara Africa are set to release a jam dubbed ¨Cheza Chini¨ come Monday, but Sam is not happy about the intimate part between Vivian and Naiboi in the song.

It gets messy and Vivian shares screenshots of their Whats App group chat, where the 4 converge to give views about the song´s video before it´s release.

Whatsapp chat

The conversation kicks off and Sam questions:

Guys I like the video but there are some parts I am not comfortable about

He shares a screenshot on the same, where Naiboi and Vivian get close, Naiboi´s arms on Vivian´s lower back, body´s touching and all.

So Sam airs:

I don´t like this part where Naiboi is holding Vivian so closely.

Kindly delete it before you release.

He gets mixed reactions and Savara [of Sauti Sol] can´t wait but just burst into laughter.

From Naiboi´s end, he shares:

???????????????? Lakini Sam you should know this is what people want to see

Vivian adds:

People want to see chemistry between wasanii

Sam promptly questions:

What chemistry???????

Savara comes out laughing loud which might have prompted Sam West to exit the group.

Naiboi however doesn´t seem to understand what the big fuss is all about, commenting:

Vivian mbona umeadd Muhusband!!!

Hizi vitu mtu hucheza chini ????????????


Vivian is actually lost of words and feels the fire blazing.

Savara then urges Vivian to have a chat with Sam so that these 4 can get to a mutual understanding before the song´s release tomorrow.

According to Naiboi, this is part of being an artist but Savara jumps in:

Lakini kuongea ukweli Naiboi na Vivian hiyo clip yenyu ni intimate sana


Naiboi then reacts:

Juu Hii ????ni 2in1

Vivian however expresses:

Mu-husband amejam

Savara does feel that the chemistry between the two is just flamed up and Vivian is worried.

Naiboi won´t allow that particular part to get off the screen and urges Savara to lay low.

Savara therefore comments:

Vivian talk to mzee, calm him down.

Naiboi too adds:

Mbona ako insecure hivi?


Vivian then asks to share a screenshot of her DM with hubby, Sam West, where she questions Sam for overacting, who then responds:

Hii story yenu ya chemistry ni gani tena

What chemistry is this

Vivian however tells him that it is necessary in the song, which he is well aware off but Sam expresses:

That scene is too much. Kindly remove it. And why is Savara laughing

Vivian in response urges:

Aki Babe.

You need to chill kiasi.

Savara is a happy person. Yaani hutaki

In response, Savara is left in shock ad Naiboi asks that Vivian adds Sam back in, who exits as soon as he is added.

She is left in tandem and therefore seeks the audience´s view on the same before it gets released tomorrow at 10am.


so editing the video will make him untouch you or end the intimacy, kama iko iko


Hi, edit out the part that your husband does not want. It’s the best thing to do


????????????????Sam West left ????????


Ati what chemistry ????????????????


Isitolewe…this just music…go mamii go


Hahaaa this is hilarious!
So immature
Vivian, if Sam is not comfortable with that part, please do sthn about it, let it not be its like you are disrespecting him and usiende na majority rem he’s your hubby n has a right to feel insecure just like any other man would for his woman.

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