‘Wabebe’ hit makers 34 GVNG are back with ‘Olunga’ and it’s a hit (Video)

34 GVNG (Good Vibes No Guns), the group that treated us to the hit dubbed Wabebe alongside Gwaash, is back with a new jam.

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Dubbed Olunga, their latest release is a tribute to Harambee Stars & Kashiwa Reysol forward Michael Ogada Olunga.

The song is a clarion call to everybody to aim for the top i.e. to excel in their respective fields.

The delivery of all the group members was really on point, however, I’m really going to side with Vuva on this 0ne. He really killed it!

One of the reasons why I love this song is because it’s inspirational, it aims to uplift people by telling them that it’s possible.

This song is different from the the kind of music that we have gotten used to i.e. the vulgar kind and I think it’s a step in the right path.

The video concept is simple but dope, as you would expect, there are some well-endowed lasses who are twerking around. If that does not inspire you then I guess nothing can.

The producer – Hitman Kaht – did a good job on the beats. The word that I am actually looking for is great. It slaps really hard.

Listen to Olunga below and tell us what you think.

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