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‘Wachana Na DNA, Women Choose The Father Of Their Children’-Akothee Advices Eric Omondi

November 03, 2021 at 10:45
'Wachana Na DNA, Women Choose The Father Of Their Children'-Akothee Advices Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi breaking the ice a few hours ago on his reason for being referred to as a deadbeat by Jacque Maribe has seen several household names share their take on the issue. Eric is now vacillating between listening to what his counterparts have to say and what he actually thinks is right.

The conspicuous comments on Eric Omondi’s post after divulging that it was a one night stand that got Maribe pregnant’ have seen many people advice him differently.

Comedian ERIC OMONDI opens up on how he met and fell in love with ex-girlfriend, JACQUE MARIBE! | DAILY POST

Eric Omondi, Maribe & their son-Google

Akothee’s Advice

The President of single mothers; Esther Akoth has admonished Eric not to go for the DNA test that he was demanding, but to accept responsibility- being the biological father or not.

”Eric wachana Na DNA ,us women / mothers decides who father’s our children hata kama Sio Yako ,tumekuchagua ,wewe lea tu mtoto ni wetu sote”

She continued to state how hectic it is to go to a children’s court to solve this matter; which she refers to as trivial.

”Do you guys have an idea of what it entails making endless trips to a children’s court ?
Do you know the kind of parents you will meet at the children’s court 💪. Both of you as public figures, you will be very embarrassed ,kupanga laini na wazazi hawana hata viatu . Eric siku hiyo hautaenda na security imagine 🤔🤔
👉kwanza magistrate ataona hiyo range rover akushangae vile walinishangaa na V8 nikifukuzana Na baba ya akina Vesha”

The fact that Akothee has experience in single parenting, she went ahead to also advice Maribe to take responsibility  by herself.

”Jacky wewe pia chukuwa majukumu kama mzazi ,ignore Eric omondi and take charge of your child’s life ,you will have peace , huyu jamaa atakutoa figo ukose pumzi ya kutafuta ,I am speaking to you as a single mother of 5 children.”



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