“Wachana na huyo house girl ” Zari to Juma Lokole

Problem is, every time Zari gets close to Diamond Platnumz family; blogger Juma Lokole plays nice for a minute – until he feels it’s time to shame her for whatever reason.

After dumping Diamond Platnumz on Instagram 3 years ago – Lokole did not take this easy as we all witnessed him fired back at the boss lady with everything he had.

Juma Lokole

This is allegedly because Lokole is on a payroll to attack anyone who tries to make Diamond look bad; and so far Lokole has managed to clean up his bosses quite well.

The 3 baby mamas know how ruthless the fella can get and for some reason, Hamisa prefers not engaging with him; but as for Zari, she would rather google Swahili insults just to fire back at the gossip monger.

Juma Lokole

Refers to Lokole as house girl

After calling her fat and scary during a recent interview, Zari has also hit back; and this time around it appears that she may expose more than we expected.

This is because for the first Zari actually hinted what Lokole’s job is at the Dangote family. To her, this alleged gay man is a ‘house girl’ meaning the rumors are true about him cleaning after his boss.

While engaging with a fan who warned her against Juma;  Zari responded by saying;

Leave that house girl alone…njaa mbaya

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