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“Wacheni kutupima” Weezdom and girlfriend bashed for parading fake baby bump

September 21, 2020 at 15:24
"Wacheni kutupima" Weezdom and girlfriend bashed for parading fake baby bump

Former gospel artist Weezdom and his wife, Staicey Mylee have desperately been looking for a way to make it in the industry; and for some reason they still manage to get their followers talking.

Not once or twice has Weezdom talked about having a baby with his girlfriend/wife Staicey; but everytime the baby bump never gets to grow. The last time the former singer was on an interview with k24’s chitchat; the fella K mentioned that he has no plans to open an instagram account for his soon to be born baby.

Kenyan gospel singer Weezdom and lover, Staicey Mummoh

With this, many went on to assume that there was a baby on board but judging from Mylee’s flat tummy since March; we have every reason to believe that the two enjoy clout chasing…. no wonder they cliked!

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Fake bump?

Anyway this past weekend the two once again went on to leave their fans talking after parading what looks like a baby bump! Judging from the posture Mylee is seated in,once can easily assume that this is indeed a bump; where else it’s just food.

For those who know how a bump looks like went on to bash them for acting childish; while their die hard fans couldn’t help but look forward to meeting their baby soon!

Weezdom’s baby mama

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This comes just a few days after Miley bashed haters for saying her relationship with Wesson was headed for the dumpster. She however clapped back adding that this particular you g man will wed her in a high profile wedding; but oh well, the internet never forget and we shall indeed revisit this!


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