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“Wagangas advice them to sleep with virgins” City pastor Godfrey Migwi explains surge in rape incidents in schools

June 06, 2018 at 10:56
"Wagangas advice them to sleep with virgins" City pastor Godfrey Migwi explains surge in rape incidents in schools

Female students at Moi Girls’ Kamusinga School in Bungoma County and Moi Girls’ School in Nairobi were raped in separate incidents that left Kenyans with many unanswered questions.

On Saturday June 2nd a 15-year-old Form Two student at Moi Girls’ School Nairobi was was assaulted and defiled when she went to the washrooms at 2am. Police have since collected DNA samples from all male teaching and non-teaching staff living in the school for forensic analysis.

On Sunday June 3rd a 14-year-old Form Two student at Moi Girls’ Kamusinga was raped by a teacher, the girl said a classmate informed her that the teacher summoned her to his office and on arrival he raped her.

Black magic

Pastor Godfrey Migwi of the Hope Church notes that witchcraft practices are to be blamed for the surge in rape incidents in high schools.

Migwi explains that most teachers practice witchcraft for several reasons including job security, blocking transfers and healing diseases. The preacher says some teachers rape virgin students because they believe by doing so they will get healed of diseases like HIV.

“Good morning Kenyans , Pray for our schools all is not well and the bible says in the book of Ezekiel 13:10 “‘This is because they have led my people astray saying, “All is well,” when things are not well. When anyone builds a wall without mortar, they coat it with whitewash , so it’s wrong to say all is well when things are not well or there is peace when there is no peace.

“In our schools witchcraft is exercised, there is wicked evil spirit’s in our schools many head teachers, principles and their deputies excise Witchcraft that’s why we always hears bad and strange news in our schools, strange Fires, strange sickness , children’s being raped, demons attacking our children’s even as we are speaking many student are at home ,

Pastor Godfrey Migwi

Pastor Godfrey Migwi

“One day a school worker called me narrating one incident, he saw a principle of that school at night with mganga doing some weird things, to make it short some principles go to wagangas and wagangas visits our schools reasons not to be transfered, to control other teachers and everything in school, in our school’s many teacher’s practices gayism and lesbianism with our children’s, others teachers after realising they’re h.i.v + their wagangas advice them to sleep with virgins to be healed so they choose to rape our innocent children’s,

“My advice to prayers warriors pray for our schools, to the government vet our teachers and give students a chance to expose them there so many untold stories in our schools , then make it a must for every school to install CCTV cameras, God please hide our children’s we pray and believe Amen,” Pastor Godfrey Migwi explained.



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