Wahu: My husband spends more on shoes than me

Singers Nameless and Wahu were recently on IG to reveal their financial quagmires as fans followed closely.

According to Wahu, her hubby usually spends so much on shoes. In fact, he spends way more than her.

“Well, this guy here spends a lot of money on shoes. He buys his shoes so expensive. For me I window shop first and bargain before buying anything. I also look at it first before spending a coin on it. For my husband, window shopping is a not a thing for him.” said Wahu.


“He buys shoes that are of the same colors and I am like, you cant spend that amount of money on a shoe and why have ten pairs same colors?”

Men also need to look good

Nameless on the hand defended himself saying that a man needs to stay smart.

 “Mwanaume ni viatu. You better spend on your shoes than even on the clothes you wear adding that men shoes are more expensive than ladies.” he said. 

“We want the situation when our kids do not fear us so much but at the same time respect us. My wife is usually the tough one in bringing up the kids. She is the chief-whip of the family.”

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