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Wahu responds to fan praying she finally delivers a baby boy for Nameless

August 31, 2022 at 11:04
Wahu responds to fan praying she finally delivers a baby boy for Nameless

Since Wahu announced her pregnancy on Instagram she’s become abit too active and we are enjoying whatever she is serving.

Thanks to the pregnancy hormones Wahu has been letting her fans in on her private life, say Tbt memories we knew nothing about and finally – she’s responds to comments hence interacting with her fans something we never saw before.

Just the other day, the singer revealed unknown details about her first pregnancy; leaving other mums confessing to having had similar experiences. Apparently after learning she was pregnant with her first child 16 years ago; she started buying maternity wear even before the bump started showing. Comparing a before and after photo of her bump with Tumiso who is now 16 years…. Wahu wrote;

Pic 1 – I was so excited to be expecting @tumi.mathenge. I started buying maternity wear almost immediately I found out I was expecting 😅 😂 😅 (where my 1st time mums @ 😄😄😄 Pic 2- 16 years later….and still excited to be on the journey again!

Fan praying for a son

Well in the comment section, a bold fan decided to heat up things by telling Wahu how much he wishes she’s having a son this time around.

Okay, I know that kind of comment doesn’t sounds so good especially coming from a man; but again- surpringly Wahu handled it quit well…better than most women getting pressured to have a son since they only have daughters.

I am happy to receive whoever God gives me. I am just honored to be here again.

A child is a child….but I’m pretty sure the Mathenges finally got their prayers answered….i mean – this explains Wahu’s recent bubbly personality, right?


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