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Wajir Women Rep s3x tape fake?

December 20, 2018 at 11:31
Wajir Women Rep s3x tape fake?

This week there have two s3x tapes that have gone viral on social media, the first video was allegedly filmed at Imenti house in Nairobi CBD and the other video that is doing rounds on social media shows a woman alleged to be Wajir Women Rep being smashed.

The video showing man and woman copulating at a shop turned out to be fake, it wasn’t filmed at a shop in Imenti house as claimed earlier.

Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Gedi is now trending on social networking sites after her alleged s3x tape leaked online.

1 minute clip

The one minute s3x tape is not clear in the beginning, only showing private parts in action. It’s on the 47th second that the face of the woman moaning comes out clear.

The video shows a Somali woman being chewed by a mysterious man whose face is not shown. It’s not clear whether the woman is Wajir Woman Rep though the video caption claims so.

Rumor on social media has it that the mysterious man in the video clip is also a lawmaker, apparently a politician from Rift Valley.





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