Wametosha! Here’s Why DJ Mo And Size 8 Don’t Want To Have Another Baby

In the past, family planning wasn’t something that our forefathers knew anything about. They regarded having many children as a blessing. Nowadays, the use of contraceptives has been embraced. Even though not all religions agree on the use contraception, most people regard it as the easiest means of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

The Murayas-Google

Gospel musician Size 8 and DJ Mo already have two kids; Ladasha and Muraya Junior. New born babies are known to cry a lot during their early days. As Dj Mo reveals, their son Muraya keeps them awake at night. This is one of the reasons why they are considering to close the chapter of having any more kids. Weeks ago, Size 8 revealed she almost her son in ICU. However, Muraya Junior survived the horror. The talented DJ thinks that they already have enough children. On his Gram, DJ Mo wrote,

”Earlier today .. Ona Huyu uuuuuiiiii wangu sasa kuchoka..

Tuongee ukweli … je mshafika place mkasema enough is enough na watoto ????????
Mpaka mnadiscuss family planning . ?
Reason yenu ilikuwa gani?”

The Murayas have had a successful career in the entertainment industry. They balance between celebrity lifestyle and taking care of their kids. This is something to applaud them for. But I think they should have one more!

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