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Wash-wash: Edgar Obare has gained more than he has lost

September 02, 2021 at 11:46
Wash-wash: Edgar Obare has gained more than he has lost

Edgar Obare did a fantastic job of rehashing an already worn-out tale about how Kenyans who are costing up to the most powerful people in the land are engaged in fraudulent dealings. And this expose has cemented his credibility.

Edgar Obare Speaks After Deactivation Of His Instagram Account

Sure, it has come at a huge cost but my argument is that this simple expose has won him friends who will prove useful in the future as they will no doubt come into focus at his moment of need. After all, a friend in need and all that.

Edgar Obare

Worry after Edgar Obare gets arrested, his location unknown

Edgar Obare has made some very powerful enemies. And he has lost his immediate source of income, his Instagram account. And that is a huge blow to him -want to hurt a man, hit his pocket. And he is missing out on so much of that sweet revenue.

Eyebrows Raised After Edgar Obare’s Instagram Account Goes Missing

And my God the enemies are there. And they are plotting -if the whispers emanating from these internet sleuths are to be believed. They plan to make an example out of Edgar Obare or whatever that means. And as a result, he has gone into hiding and is moving different.

Edgar Obare

But conversely, they will have a hard time getting to him because they will have to first get through his horde of followers and admirers and then the government would be pressured into actually investigating any claims about him. Yes, I get it, the Kenyan Government is a cesspool of mediocrity and corruption but the one thing they would not want, especially in the run-up to general elections, is for people to demand action.

“Jimal threatened to have me killed” Amira opens up to blogger, Edgar Obare (screenshots)

And if Edgar Obare is ever in need of any assistance, all he has to do is take to his reserve IG accounts and say so and I guarantee you that people will throng the direct messages offering their assistance. Sure, his “enemies” would try to Trojan Horse their way into it but he has a fighting chance.

Edgar Obare’s

And as for the credibility he has earned, I guarantee you that any time that you or your aunty hears he is about to post something about you, you will shake and shiver down to your bones and soul. His word has earned that much more trust in it from the audience. That is power.

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If Edgar Obare announced that he wanted to vie for political office, he has a supporter base that would be willing to donate to his campaign. Hell, they would be willing to give him their skills, services and time to ensure he wins. You think not? Think back to Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali.

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