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“Wasn’t me!” Eli Omundu paints partner in crime, Morrison Litiema as mastermind behind heist

June 20, 2022 at 10:49
“Wasn’t me!” Eli Omundu paints partner in crime, Morrison Litiema as mastermind behind heist

Word making rounds on social media is that Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema who allegedly stole a couple of millions from Jalang’o’s car have surrendered to the DCI.

This is after they were smoked out of hiding by the police and now that they’ve been found – the two have started opening up on why; and what led them to steal from a boss.

Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema finally speak up about alleged heist

But as you already know – money is the root of all evil. I mean didn’t Judas sell out Jesus for 30 Silver coins….now imagine what he would done if he’d been offered millions that time…huh.?

Jalango facing betrayal

Anyway just like Jesus was good to Judas Iscariot – Jalango too handled his workers as family and was even promoting them on social media hence the small cooperate deals they’d started making money off….but in end they played him.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Well this heist however turned out to be Eli Omundu’s biggest regret that is judging from the new information he shared with Ankali Ray on Milele FM. From what he says is that the heist story is a lie and never did he steal from his boss. He went on to justify this by claiming he’s been broke for the longest time and never has he ever thought of stealing from Jalang’o.

Hatuwezi fanya kitu kama hio [kuiba]… Picha ilikuwa hewani, unaweza kaa uone raia wamechukua sheria mikononi mwao.

Wasn’t me

When asked how they spent the money – now that they claim to be broke, Eli distanced himself from the heist leaving his partner in crime Morrison looking like the mastermind behind the robbery. He said;

  Mimi sijaona pesa yote. Ata saa hii nimesota mbaya. Labda Morrison aongee pande yake. Labda alichukua akanicheza, sijui.

Is it just me or is this whole heist story starting to feel like we’re being played? Think about it this way – if you stole from your boss and get caught wouldn’t you be pleading your case; and asking for forgiveness none stop?

Well in Eli and Morrison’s case – they hope to sit down and have some Black Label with their former boss as they sort this issues out. Yes I said Black label….lanes.

  Tunangoja boss tuongee vizuri na yeye, tujue ni vipi. Tumezungumza na mdosi na hana tatizo. Sasa tunataka tupatane kidogo, tukunywe hata Black Label tujue niaje.


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