“Why are you wasting money building in gichagi?” Says Maina Kageni as he goes on to reveal why he would never spend a night in his rural home

Image: Maina Kageni

Ever wondered why we rarely see Maina Kageni posting photos while chilling at his rural home? Well, this is because he doesn’t see the need of spending time there. Maybe just to see his family for a couple of hours then return to his cozy house somewhere in Nairobi.

The classic 105 presenter, made it known that he does not sleep over when he travels to his rural home and for this reason he does not understand why people always feel the need to build big houses upcountry. To him this is wasting money and not a source of investment.

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Maina Kageni

Speaking on air the radio presenter was confident to say that even as a young boy he only traveled to spend the day then return to Nairobi that same day. He went on to say,

“Why is it important to build in mashambani, and why are you wasting money building there and do you honestly intend to go back and live in mashambani when you retire?”

He added to say

“I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve never spent the night in gichagi.”

Well, Maina Kageni is clearly not the type to build a home in his rural home because he has no plans of abandoning the good life in Nairobi for Ushago where there is no fun.

But do you agree with him?



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