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Wataona gere! How Tanasha Donna marked her lit 25th birthday (Photos)

July 07, 2020 at 16:41
Wataona gere! How Tanasha Donna marked her lit 25th birthday (Photos)

Tanasha Donna is finally 25 years and to mark this special day; the singer went on to share a few photos from her recent photo shoot as seen on her IG page.

At 25 years Tanasha Donna has undeniably achieved more than most women her age have! So far she has not only established herself as a successful artist; but is also in charge of a foundation that helps songs the less fortunate and orphans.

To celebrate herself on her special day, Ms Donna described herself as a wild girl full of love and passionate about music. She wrote;

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Miss Donna’s Indian themed birthday photos

On 07/07/1995, a wild girl with a passion for music, love for people and a taste for whisky was born…. 25 & blessed. πŸŽŠπŸ™ŒπŸ½

Although she has not released any new project in months, her manager Jamal Gadaffi seems quite invested in Tanasha Donna; and rumor has it that she is now bringing in money like never before thanks to her side hustles.


A few weeks ago, Ms Donna was said to be involved in with an Arab said to be a multi millionaire. The guy apparently lets her take his private jet whenever she has to see her son back in Nairobi.

He is also said to be behind her Tanasha Donna foundation that focuses on the less fortunate and orphans in Kenya. With such a clean heart, it’s clear to see why the lady has been receiving blessings from all over.

Away from that, below are a few photos showing how Tanasha marked her 25th year on earth!

Tanasha Donna celebrates 25th birthday in style!

Miss Tanasha turns 25 years!

Mama Naseeb celebrates 25th year on earth

Happy Birthday miss Tanasha


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