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Watu Hutoka Mbali! Kabi WaJesus Reveals He Used To Be A Hawker

February 26, 2021 at 12:20
Watu Hutoka Mbali! Kabi WaJesus Reveals He Used To Be A Hawker

Popular Kenyan YouTuber, Kabi WaJesus of the famous WaJesus family has revealed his previous struggles as a young boy. Like most celebrities, he has had his portion of struggles before rising to fame. He runs a YouTube channel with his wife Milly WaJesus. They have quite a good following, with over 350K subscribers. Their channel serves nothing more than serious couple goals.

Speaking on their YouTube channel alongside Njugush and his Wife Wakavinye, Kabi WaJesus reveals that after high school, he used to be a hawker. He dealt with watches and had a friend, whom they did the business with. He also used to sell T-shirts.


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”Nikafungua ka shop ka matisho apo kwa rodi. And then after some time nika notice, matisho inabidi nizubae apo the whole day. So nikaanza kuendanga tao. So inabidi naenda tao ku hawk. So nilikuwa nauza ma watch tao.”

Kabi WaJesus also reveals that during this period, his high school friend passed by him and avoided him. By this time, he had already met with his wife Milly. The two were however, in two different relationships by then and didn’t think they would end up together.

Kabi has advised young couples to stick with each other no matter what the situation is. Challenges will always be there but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.


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