We are happy for Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez BUT…

Image: Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro and DJ Bones have reportedly gotten married and we are happy for the couple. We join all their fans and family and friends in wishing them a long, loving marriage. But…

Kamene Goro engaged!

The truth is, they will have a lot of pressure on their heads. This has already begun to present itself in the form of scrutiny. You see, Edgar Obare has already begun to unearth certain unsavoury details about their engagement (it has since emerged that they didn’t actually get married) chief of which is the allegation he might be performing bigamy.

Kamene Goro flaunting ring

That means DJ Bones already has a wife and two children by her. Then there is the fact that Kamene Goro has positioned herself as the elder sister of every entitled Nairobi girl.

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Because she is the official spokeswoman for Baby Gurl™ and we will all be looking to see whether she actually dispenses advice based on what she would herself do or whether it is all just cheap radio fodder. Does she actually intend to be an entitled married woman or does she simply say what sounds good whether or not it can cause real-world damage?

Kamene Goro

Then there is the fact that she herself is someone who needs to be guided and helped so she doesn’t poison the union. What do I mean? Well, simply put, she needs counselling/ therapy.

Kamene Goro proves once again that Kenyan celebrities give terrible advice

Kamene Goro was married and that marriage failed. Why did it fail? We don’t really know because we have only ever truly heard her side of things and she doesn’t once fess up to how she contributed to her abortive marriage. If DJ Bones isn’t a simp, he needs to call her out on this fact and then demand that she goes for individual counselling before she then joins him for couple’s counselling.

Kamene Goro with ex

She also has that one needling fact about her: she slept with well over 27 men! And why am I bringing this up you ask? Well because any woman who has slept with as many men as she has also has near-irreparable damage to her pair-bonding ability. Long story short? She cannot be happy in the confines of monogamy and marriage.

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She has her foot in through the door now that she’s engaged. Kamene Goro has managed a feat I for one never thought I would ever see her accomplish -she managed to find the one man in all of Kenya who is willing to marry her and make an honest woman out of her but now it is her behaviour that will see her follow through to the wedded bliss part of it.

Kamene Goro feeling lonely

But there is a lot of work to be done. And most of it is on her side of the court. Kamene Goro needs to put in the work if she doesn’t want to eventually end up as a warning we use for other women.

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