“We are just friends” Rwandan beauty comes out to deny screwing Diamond

Rwandan lady Shaddy Boo set tongue wagging over the past weekend when she was seen taking selfies in Diamond Platnumz’s hotel room.

Shaddy Boo was in Tanzania to host Biko Jibebe Challenge organized by Diamond. She shared a photo of herself lying on bed covered with a towel. Diamond had also shared a photo of himself taking selfie in the same room, he wasn’t wearing any shirt.

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Just friends
Shaddy Boo
Shaddy Boo

Shaddy Boo has since responded to claims that she is fooling around with Diamond. Speaking to members of the press outside a hotel in Dar, the Rwandan beauty stressed that Diamond and her are only good friends.

“Nothing much, we are just friends yeah! Aah! No!, Is not true, we are friends,” said Shaddy Boo when asked about her alleged affair with Diamond.



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