‘We Are Not Struggling, We Have Endorsements’- Mbogi Genje’s Message To KRG On Their Beef

The haywire beef between gengetone group Mbogi Genje and KRG went a notch higher yesterday as they flaunted bundles of cash to compare who has more money than the other. One of Mbogi Genje’s member, Guzman could be seen flossing numerous a thousand notes to insinuate money is not a problem to them as KRG put it.

Vindictive KRG hit back at the group by flaunting na unknown amount of foreign currency cash through his Insta stories. He also went ahead to make a video on his IG page to warn the group against trash-talking him; reprimanding them for showing of ‘petty cash’.

KRG vs Mbogi Genje

The origin of their beef was a collabo song they did recently and Mbogi Genje purported that KRG went ahead to release the song without their consent. It’s been a tough couple of beefing days for them; and Mbogi Genje have now had their say on the paramount issue.

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Through a detailed post on their Instagram page, they praised one of their own and wrote;

”Let’s talk facts our very own Smady tings is one of the best hardcore dancehall artist and the most versatile not forgetting Rudra Kartel because they all sound like Vybz Kartel if we ever need to talk about the best of dancehall artists in the country. These two are in a different caliber. A lot of talent is born and lives in the ghetto and that’s why we keep going back to inspire our fellow youth. Artists should stop being mean and consider supporting others as opposed to trying to bring each other down because you don’t become any better by making others look bad.
They added that they’re not in a bad position financially, and are looking forward to make it bigger;
”Mbogi Genje is not struggling, we have endorsements and are aiming to make it even bigger in the music industry. Numbers don’t lie.”


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