We are tired! Jimal and Amira need to give us a break

Image: Jimal and wife, Amira

Amira and Jimal have been sharing details of their private lives on social media making many of their fans go through whatever it is they are currently facing….and honestly its tiring.

I mean for months we have watched the two bickering over their nasty breakup and just when we start to think it’ll all be over soon….another chapter arises and we are back to the same old issues and honestly – if social media amd family are not helping the two reach a conclusion – then maybe it’s time to go to court.

Well this comes after the two started accusing each other of lying about being in an abusive relationship and at some point – Amira even mentioned Jimal beat her up in front of his family while very pregnant – something he later termed as lies and pure malice from his ex wife now that he cut off child support and stopped paying her rent.

Tbt: Amira becomes a mum

Take it up with the court

And now that it’s obvious the two will never get back together or rather might take a while before they find a solution to their problems – we feel that its also time they stopped involving everyone else in the mess because the longer they keep dragging the matter – the more we are tired of hearing the reoccurring problems in their lives.

Don’t get me wrong – I know they are both trying to help fans see the truth but just like Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie taught us – love is bitter when ugly and as much as private lives are aired on social media…..truth is, we can’t help them in anyway but just pass judgemental comments likes kwani hawana wazazi waingililie or pia hawa wanatuchosha.

So yea – maybe its time they both went for vacations and forget each other……I mean doesnt Jimal have a newborn daughter to look after?

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