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We can only hope that Bahati is getting therapy

September 29, 2022 at 13:52
We can only hope that Bahati is getting therapy

Bahati vied for the Mathare parliamentary seat and lost. His was a campaign period fraught with betrayal and intrigue and though he braved the battle, Kenyans have made him their whipping boy with their incessant mocking.

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And we have all noticed that this took quite a toll on the young man. he clearly had his heart set out for the position and he believed he would win it easy… I don’t know why, perhaps it was delusional confidence.

Bahati roughed up by goons

But Bahati as we all know, lost. And he has taken it hard. It didn’t help that it exposed haters in hidden corners. While we here at Ghafla were busy praising him for having the guts to take this step, most of his own peers and fans were busy laughing at him.

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And since then, he has been seen out in public only a handful of times. He was seen at a family function as they celebrated a family affair with is wife -Diana Marua- and kids. But we have also seen him delete his content on social media.

We can only wonder about the toll that this failure took on him. He was also met by the stark reality of just how crazy politics is as he was first denied a certificate that would allow him to vie and then the members of his own coalition came out to attack and mock him.

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And this is why we need to hope that he has gone to seek counselling because he is clearly showing signs of struggling with depression. And while it is great for him to inundate himself with people who love him, Bahati needs professional help.

That is what will help him lift himself above the funk and then focus on the future. A mental issue like depression is something that could also affect his family because he will not only not be present but he might even take a much darker path.

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Bahati needs to take care of himself before he can continue to take care of his family and I for one hope he seeks the professional help he gets.

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