Why we care that Eric Omondi’s ex is hobnobbing with politicians

Image: Alinur with Chantal

Her name is Chantal Juliet Grazioli but we only really know her as Eric Omondi’s ex and in recent times, we saw her hanging out with a youthful aspiring politician whom many have colloquially dubber “Somali Bae”.

Eric Omondi’s hot ex fiancé Chanty spotted hanging out with popular hunk politician (Photo)

And the not-so-subtle but immensely interesting thing about this pairing is that it excited us because of its potential for salacious gossip.

Ms Chanty
Chantal with bae

Why you ask? Well because Eric Omondi’s ex is seemingly following a well-beaten path into the life of being the socialite “acquaintance of a powerful “mheshimiwa”.

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We saw how it worked for the girl dating the president’s personal assistant and have also seen how well it is going for the one linked to Kilifi’s governor so why would one not expect it to work for Ms Chanty as she calls herself?

Ms Chanty
Chantal Grazioli

And to make it an even more likely pairing, she, like the previous two mentioned lasses, is light-skinned -her being of half-caste extraction- and she too has a modelesque build. So why wouldn’t things work out for Eric Omondi’s ex?

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I mean, sure there is the fact that she is currently dating a mzungu but do not forget women’s hypergamous nature. She could afterall, decide that there is more to be gained from dating the aspiring politician who is said to have deep pockets and whose religion permits him to have up to 4 wives.

Ms Chanty
Ms Chanty with extreme simp, Eric Omondi

And sure, we are indeed trying to live vicariously through her and there is probably nothing deep about the fact that they hang out together but then again, that would make for a boring story. And we know how Kenyan girls are wired so…

Whatever the deal is between Chantal Grazioli and Somali Bae, one thing is for certain, that absolutely no one would be surprised if she eventually came out and declared themselves a couple. If anything, we would simply roll our eyes at the fact they had the audacity to try and hide it from us.

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