“We disown you as the gospel ministry in Kenya” Ringtone tells Bahati

Gospel singer Ringtone seems fed up with Bahati’s recent activities on social media. And for this reason, the controversial artist has gone ahead to write a letter letting ‘mtoto wa mama’  know that he now needs to check himself!

In the letter, Ringtone shares a few examples showing why Bahati’s actions will cost him his career and opportunities in the future.

Check yourself Ringtone warns Bahati

For the very first time, Ringtone pointed out that Bahati‘s biggest mistake was taking fellow artists to court; and calling the police on them. He went on to add that Bahati abusing a female fan also proved that he had no respect! The controversial artist said;


Dear Bahatii, Your Recent chain of events on show that u were prepared for your fall from grace.
1) How can a big gospel artist take an upcoming young gospel artist to court???? Even 50cent ,Eminem and Dr Dre never went to court when they had beef and they are secular artists.
2) Recently a female fan posted a bad comment on your IG post and you told her ( aende ajipige mafinge ????).

Abusing G Money

Well thanks to Bahati’s latest post we now understand that good boy Bahati has now gone bad!

Bahati Reality out for ratings and numbers on You Tube

After DJ G Money denied knowing him, the gospel singer was left hurling insults adding that G Money is a gay man. With this already making headlines on social media, Ringtone also pointed it out in the letter he wrote to Bahati. He went on to add;

3) you used to live with Alex Mathenge and later called police on him and he was locked up in police cells.
4) Now you areAbusing G-Money with unprintable words even dreaming him that he is gay just because people are tired of this action s you are doing that make Christianity, Jesus and God look bad.

According to Ringtone, the gospel ministry no longer wants anything to do with Bahati adding;

Kasolo responds to Bahati´s arrest of Peter Blessing

We disown you as the gospel ministry in Kenya. You dont represent the values of Christianity. You are unscrupulous businessman who has been conning Gods people and now your true colours are out.
We would like to warn the media to stop calling you a gospel artist hence forth. On behalf of everyone that is hurting and suffering from the heinous and demonic actions of this fallen one we pray that our Jesus will heal you and repay you.. May the holy spirit comfort you dear ones????????????

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