“We failed you Kasee!” Karis mourns the late Kasee in emotional post that will leave you in tears

Comedian Karis is sorry for the death of Kasee; a comedian he watched start from the ground up and even got to be friends with.

However due to growth, at some point the two lost touch and just like life is engineered they went separate ways in search of a brighter future.

So far we understand that Karis has been abroad for several months; and looking at the comments left on most of his posts fans can’t help but wonder whether he will ever return to Kenya.

Anyway after missing in action for months; Karis is back to making headlines thanks to a post dedicated to the late Kasee. As seen on his post, Karis apologized to the late Kasee for not being present when he needed a friend or just someone  to talk to.

Comedians Kasee and Karis

He went on to add that just like most people suffering in silence…he cannot blame anyone as everyone is fighting their own demons, hoping to walk out alive.

WE FAILED YOU KASEE…when things started going astray WE FAILED BEING THERE FOR YOU..but its not that we assumed it but because WE WERE ALSO FIGHTING OUR OWN DEMONS we failed you kasee.

Njenga Mswahili

Karis who is venturing into a different career since relocating to the United States went on to remind fans of Njenga Mswahili; who lost his life following what many term as depression and alcoholism. Karis narrated this saying;

The late Njenga Mswahili laid to rest

THE SAME WAY WE FAILED NJENGA MSWAHILI and i remember visiting him at mathare hospital then after a few months he is GONE….R.I.P NOW YOU.
EVERY OUTCOME HAS A COURSE people don’t just result into drinking or drugs from the blue there is a push a triger and depression,confusion,rejection,and stress are the main culprits….
It’s just sad i Don’t know what WE CAN Do to prevent another person going that road …????????????????

It is indeed sad to see how most of these comedians end up dying in poverty and stress related cases; while all along they have been working tirelessly to get to the top.


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